42 artists, filmmakers, performers and musicians from 16 countries will present exhibitions, screenings, radio broadcasts and stage performances.

In addition to short and feature-length films, the 2011 edition of Forum Expanded includes Screen Off, a programme of sound works on Deutschlandradio Kultur, video interviews with festival guests on the Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland by the Israeli artist Yael Bartana, and numerous panel discussions.

Rainer Kirberg’s experimental black and white film Das Schlafende Mädchen, about an art student studying under Joseph Beuys, will be presented as a world premiere.

The series History Lessons will show films and host discussions on the question of how cinematic legacy is passed on, while the Canadian Embassy and the Filmhaus will present a selection of Hauntings – videos about ghosts and the history of film shot by Guy Maddin and commissioned by the Toronto International Film Festival. 

Annika Larsson’s video installation, BLIND, will be shown at Potsdamer Straße 88.

Parallel Worlds will be an exhibition at Salon Populaire (Kunstsaele Berlin) about the autonomy of images and the closing event of the sidebar will be a concert by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Tony Conrad and Morrison Edley in the HAU theatre.

Alongside features from Kirberg, Markus Ruff, Santiago Sierra and Lawrence Weiner, will be screenings of multi-director projects Geographies of the Other Power I and Geographies of the Other Power II.