Perspektive Deutshces Kino - the Berlinale's sidebar for young, innovative German film making - has announced the remaining five films which will complete its list of eleven titles for this year's program.

The sidebar will offer a mix of full-length feature and documentary films as well as, for the first time this year, short and medium length productions from German film schools.

The five films just announced are:

Unternehmen Paradies - directed by Volker Sattel - is an ironic essay on Berlin's development into the nation's capital.

Let it Rock! - a documentary by Igor Paasch - provides a nostalgic look at Berlin's city centre.

Norbert Baumgarten's Befreite Zone is a comedy which about how deceit leads to turbulence in the amorous, financial and sporting lives of its heroes (played by Florian Lukas and Johanna Klante).

Kiki Und Tiger by Alain Gsponer (studying at the Ludwigsburg Film Academy) tells the story of a close friendship in jeopardy due to political developments in Europe.

Finally, Hinh Bong by Robin von Hardenberg (from Belin's German Film and Television Academy) is a poetic take on the destructive power of the unspoken word, featuring Minh-Khai Phan-Thi.

Following enthusiastic reaction from audiences last year, the sidebar has added an afternoon screening slot to its two evening screenings.

Perspektive Deutsches Kino's full program this year is as follows:

Befreite Zone - Norbert Baumgarten
Bernau Liegt Am Meer - Martina Doecker (doc)
Gruesse Aus Dachau (doc) Bernd Fischer
Hinh Bong - Robin von Hardenberg
Kiki Und Tiger by
Alain Gsponer
Let It Rock! - Igor Paasch (doc)
Narren - Tom Schreiber
Science Fiction - Franz Mueller
Sie Haben Knut - Stefan Krohmer - opening feature
Unternehmen Paradies - Volker Sattel
Wir - Martin Gypkens