Culinary programme includes 15 features and shorts; Forum Expanded section to feature ten experimental film programmes.

Fifteen features and shorts about food and the environment will be screened as part of the Berlin Film Festival’s 6th Culinary Cinema section.

The series, which has the motto Trust in Taste, will kick off with Daniel Cohen’s French comedy The Chef, starring Jean Reno.

The full line up is:


Canela, dir Jordi Mariscal (Mexico)
Canned Dreams, dir Katja Gauriloff (Finland)
Step Up To The Plate, dir Paul Lacoste (France)
Hindsight dir Lee Hyeon-seung (Republic of Korea)
Joyful Reunion dir Tsao Jui-Yuan (Taiwan/China)
Last Call at the Oasis, dir Jessica Yu (US)
Lupe of the Cow dir Blanca X. Aguerre (Mexico)
Mugaritz B.S.O, dirs Felipe Ugarte, Juantxo Sardon (Spain)
Oma & Bella dir Alexa Karolinski (Germany/US)
The Raw and the Cooked, dir Monika Treut (Germany/Taiwan)


Asparragos, dir Laura Zuallaert, (Belgium/Peru)
The Scarf, dir Safy Nebbou, (Spain/France)
Living Food Communities, dirs Francesco Amato, Stefano Scarafia (Italy)
Should The Wife Confess? dir Bernardo Camisão (Belgium/Portugal)

Following the screenings of the films, Berlin based chefs Sonja Frühsammer, Michael Kempf, Christian Lohse and Marco Müller, as well as Andoni Luis Aduriz from the Basque Country will serve up meals inspired by the films.

The Culinary Cinema Section will also include a lecture from envinronmental activist Erin Brockovich about her latest experiences in the battle for a clean environment.

The festival has also unveiled more details of its exhibition side bar Forum Expanded.

In addition to its Critique and Clinic exhibition already announced, the section will feature ten film programmes, which promise to  “take apart cinema and put it back together or even rediscover it from anew”.

It will include a range of different lengths and formats, with the works presented trying out “individual forms of expression in experimental fashion in order to create new, critical perspectives on the world.”

Amongst those will be Eve Sussman’s whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir, which will be edited live in real time and shows a man under surveillance in a fictional East European city.

Also featured in the section will be:

La Rouge et la Noire, dir Isabelle Prim (France)
Carlo’s Vision, dir Rosalind Nashashibi (United Kingdom/Italy).
The Last Days of British Honduras dirs Catherine Sullivan and Farhad Sharmini (UK/US)
Father, Mother, What Should I Film Today?, dir, Isabell Spengler (Germany)
Series of short films by Steve Reinke’s (Canada)
My father is still a communist, intimate secrets to be published, dir Ahmad Gossein (Lebanon/United Arab Emirates)
As they say, dir Hicham Ayouch (Morocco/United Arab Emirates)
Bye Bye, dir Paul Geday (Egypt/The Netherlands)
r I v e r r e d dir Eva Heldmann (Germany)

There will also be a series of panel discussions including Cairo: The City, the Images, the Archives, Programming the Archive, Psychosphere and Capitalism and Working the Crisis.