Norwegian director Eva Dahr's The Orange Girl (Appelsinpiken), from Jostein Gaarder's novel, is one of six new Norwegian features the Norwegian Film Fund gave the go-ahead by channelling $9.1m (NOK 50.3 million) production funding into the projects, closing almost half of the $20.4m (NOK 112 million) budgets.

At the European Film Market in Berlin, Norwegian producer and co-scriptwriter Axel Helgeland has signed Germany's Beta Cinema to handle international sales outside the c-producing countries.

Shooting from April in Oslo, in the fjells, i German studios and on Spanish locations near Sevilla, the $5.2 million (NOK 28.5 million) Orange Girl - a love story spanning over 25 years and two generations - will be staged by Norway's Helgeland Film and distributor Sandrew Metronome Norway, Germany's Tradewind Pictures and Spain's Jaleo Films. It will be readied for a February 2009 première.

After a string of top-award-winning documentaries, Margreth Olin is preparing her feature debut, The Angel (Engelen), which Thomas Robsahm will produce for their Speranza Film. From her own script the $3.5 million (NOK 19 million) movie follows a young girl who grows up without sufficient care, and gradually sees her life disintegrate. Sandrew Metronome Norway will launch it next year.

Harald Rosenløw Eeg (Hawaii Oslo, Uro) has delivered the screenplay for Katja Eyde Jacobsen's first feature, Yatzy, which is based on his own novel about a 15-year-old boy facing a fresh start with new step-parents in the Norwegian province which he doesn't want to cope with. Karin Julsrud will produce the $1.9 million (NOK 16 million) film from April; it is slated for release by Nordisk Film in Jan 2009.

Arne Lindtner Næss is cooking on the fifth installment of his best-selling Junior Olsen Gang franchise, to be produced by Roy Andersson for Nordisk Film, which will also distribute from Feb 2009. Shooting from May on a $3.4 million (NOK 18.8 milion) budget, The Junior Olsen Gang and the Black Gold (Olsenbanden jr og det sorte gullet) this time takes the series on an oil adventure.

The team behind the thriller, Dark Woods (Villmark/2003) - writer-director Pål Øie, photographer Sjur Aarthun and producer Jan Aksel Angeltvedt - is back with Hidden (Skjult), another horror story about a man who has inherited a house and a secret from his mad mother. The Alligator Film $2.3 million (NOK 1.6 million) will lense from April for a March 2009 opening through Sandrew Metronome Norway.

Fritt vilt (Cold Prey), Roar Uthaug's local winter thriller selling more than 260,000 tickets domestically, will have a sequel, also scripted by Thomas Moldestad, and this time set at a hospital. The $3.2 million (NOK 17.5 million) prodution by Martin Sundland and Kristian Sinkerud for Fantefilm will be Mats Stenberg's feature debut; starting principal photography this month (Feb), it will be launched in October by Nordisk Film.

4 1/2 Productions received $200,000 (NOK 1.3 million) development support for Bastøy, to be directed by Marius Holst (Mirush/Blodsbånd) from a script by Lars Saabye Christensen and Mette Bølstad. Karin Julsrud will produce the early 1900s drama based on real-life events at a camp for 12-18-year-old maladjusted boys outside Oslo. The arrival of a new guy on the block spells riot.