Dir: Jonathan Teplitzky. Australia. 2000. 85 mins.

Prod cos: Better Than Pty Ltd. Int'l sales: President Films (+33 1 4562 8222). Dist (Australia): Newvision Films Distributors. Producers: Bruna Papandrea, Frank Cox. Scr: Jonathan Teplitzky. DoP: Garry Phillips. Prod des: Tara Kamath. Ed: Shawn Seet. Music: David Hirschfelder. Main cast: David Wenham, Susie Porter.

This Australian comedy of modern one-night-stand manners racked up strong international sales following two Cannes screenings and has already recouped its budget long before its local November release. Not that its budget would take too much repaying as the film is, more or less, set in one room, with a two character cast.

Cin (Susie Porter) has lustfully invited the rumpled young man she's just met at a Sydney party, Josh (David Wenham), back to her warehouse flat for uncomplicated sex "for one night without any commitment". The bed is centrally positioned in her massive room and much attractive, energetic and physically demanding sexual activity ensues. Despite their best and coolest endeavours, a relationship begins to develop, complicated by Josh's need to catch a plane to London in three day's time.

Interspersed with the sex, Cin and Josh deliver comments to camera against a blue studio background, as do a selection of their otherwise off-screen friends. An all-knowing lady taxi-driver - a sort of Greek-Australian Chorus - gives occasional advice.

None of the talking heads add much to the tepid conflict-free drama of the central situation, but Wenham and Porter come to the considerable rescue, both fabulously freckled, uninhibited, funny and sexy. Wenham, particularly, will bring interest in Australia following huge success as the love interest in ABC Television's hit drama series Sea Change. International success will depend on the marketing of all that naked flesh. Sometimes nothing sells better than sex.