Beyond Films has picked up international salesduties on new Latin America-set feature film Carmo from start-up BR-3Films & Music UK.

The romantic-adventure road movie described asBonnie & Clyde meets Y Tu Mama Tambien marks short film andTV writer-director Murilo Pasta's feature debut. Mariana Loureiro (BehindThe Sun) and Jorge Ramon (Brainstorm) will co-star alongside anotheryet-to-cast actor in the film, shooting from early 2006 in Brazil and Argentinaon an estimated $1.7m budget.

'With the growing international marketfor Latin American films, we feel that Carmo has the potential to reachaudiences around the world in the same way as such memorable films as AmoresPerros and City Of God,' commented Beyond's senior sales andacquisition executive Stephen Kelliher.

BR-3's Elisa Alvares and Alexa Dean areproducing with Italy 's Media Desk, Spain 's Acontraluz and Brazil 's MoonshotPictures. Leilani and Marc Forby of US company Trailbrazer will take executiveproducer credits. Crew attached include production manager Marcelo Torres (MotorcycleDiaries) and DP Robbie Ryan.

'We want to be a bridge between Europeand Latin America ,' Dean said of BR-3, which has production servicesoffices in Brazil and also works in music supervision. 'We are Latinas andknow about Latin cinema. We can also help Latin Americans looking for financingin Europe ,' Alvares added.

Carmo, which attractedBeyond and co-producers at the Berlin Co-Production Market and alsoparticipated in the Moonstone Screenwriter's Lab, is BR-3's first feature. Ithas another UK-Spain-Puerto Rico co-production with writer-director MarceloPasta in development called Let's Get Killed.