The BFI is reaching out to organisations across the UK to participate in its UK Audience Network as “cultural leaders” and “support” bodies.

The BFI is reaching out to UK organisations to participate in its UK Audience Network as ‘Hub Lead Organisations’, which will help develop film diversity and access in parts of the UK currently underserved by the industry.

The BFI’s UK-wide Audience Network will consist of up to ten regional ‘Hubs,’ which are yet to be determined, with a remit to “bring a greater depth and breadth of film experiences to their local areas.”

Each hub will be led by a ‘Hub Lead Organisation’, described by the BFI as an “organisation with strength and experience in growing and developing audiences for specialised film, which can act as a cultural leader, facilitator and source of support to other Hub members”.

The Lead Organisations will have access to an investment pot totalling £2.5m each year (out of the BFI’s Audience Fund).

Amanda Nevill, chief executive of the BFI, commented: “Our ambitious UK Audience Network, intrinsically linked to our comprehensive new film education offer for 5-19 year olds and our plans to bring film experiences to 1000 community venues, marks the beginning of a new joined up strategy to help put film at the centre of UK cultural life. By fostering partnership and collaboration from a range of experts who really understand how to connect films with audiences, and who appreciate the power that film can have in people’s lives, we hope the UK Audience Network will help unlock thought-provoking and inspiring films and film culture across all platforms, for the benefit of audiences everywhere.”

Applications for Hub Lead Organisations close on Dec 17.