Reports that film producer Mike Jefferies is bidding to takecontrol of Liverpool Football Club for £100m ($100m) are serious and nota stunt to promote his football trilogy Goal!, say sources close to Jefferies.

Jefferies, chairman of Milkshake Films, has teamed up withformer Miramax executive Stuart Ford and has reportedly already held talks withthe club's chief executive Rick Parry.

He has also been working on soccer film Goal!, partly shot at Newcastle United's ground and due tobe released next year, prompting accusations that the Liverpool bid was astunt. The film is being directed by Danny Cannon, whose credits include JudgeDredd, and who stepped in to replaceMichael Winterbottom earlier this year.

'There is no question of this being a publicity stuntand I would find it disappointing if anyone was suggesting that,'Jefferies told Saturday's Daily Mirrornewspaper.

'We are proposing a deal that could bring in up to£100m ($180 million) to be invested. Liverpool have a good manager butthey are falling behind.'

Jefferies's bid to invest in Liverpool is the third thisyear after businessman Steve Morgan's £70m offer was turned down and abid from the Thai government, which was later taken on by Thai media tycoonPaiboon Damrongchaitham, stalled.

The club have not made any official comment on the new bid.