Intandem Films is renewing the relationships with US studioswhich the team behind the UK sales company built on titles such as MGM's Heartbreakerswhen they ran Winchester Entertainment.

In what Intandem aims to be first project in an ongoingrelationship, the sales house is set to take on sales duties on Neon Dreams,MGM's contemporary Alice inWonderland story now starring Daryl Hannah,Marilyn Manson and Alan Cumming. MGM will retain North American distribution onthe project.

In another echo of Winchester, Intandem chief Gary Smith hasdrawn on investor contacts from Birmingham, UK, setting up Audley Films withproperty magnate Paul White.

Using the UK's Section 48 tax support Audley, hasbankrolled production costing nearly $20m on Return To Sender and the untitled Brian Jones project, which has been pre-sold to Benelux'sBridge and Brazil's Lumiere at the AFM.

But Intandem's next move - again inWinchester's footsteps - will be floating on London's AIMstock-market. Smith said that investors had pledged a seven figure sterling sumfor a listing this year.