The Beneath Hill 60 producer will be at the inaugural ScreenSingapore to raise financing for Singapore Sunset In 3D.

Australian producers Bill Leimbach Mandaley Perkins will be at the first Screen Singapore event this week to raise finance for their World War II epic Singapore Sunset In 3D.

Sanctum 3D producer Andrew Wight will head up the 3D production team on the project, which will be an Australia-Singapore co-production and will tell the story of the fall of Singapore to the Japanese army in 1942, an event which Winston Churchill called the “worst disaster in British history yet.”

Perkins has also written the script for the film, which will feature around a British Admiralty engineer, a millionaire’s daughter and a feisty Australian nurse. The director and cast are yet to be announced.  

The producers said the film would include “spectacular sequences involving air attacks on Singapore and the catastrophic sinking of Britain’s greatest battleship, the HMS Prince of Wales, along with the battlecruiser HMS Repulse.”

‘”The scale of the film has the potential to invigorate Singapore’s development as a vibrant centre of world movie production and to stimulate interest in Singapore tourism,” said Perkins.

The inaugural Screen Singapore event, which aims to promote the region as a new cinematic hub, kicks off on June 5. Oliver Stone, Eric Khoo and Zhang Ziyi are amongst those attending.