Landscape Entertainment, the production company founded by former DreamWorks executive Bob Cooper and backed by Canadian conglomerate Bell Globe Media, is to remake the 1963 classic Billy Liar - the British kitchen sink drama which sealed the careers of director John Schlesinger and stars Tom Courtenay and Julie Christie.

Paul A Kaufman, whose Kaufman Company banner is based at Landscape, brought the project in to Landscape and he will produce with Cooper. Marc Rosen, senior vice president of motion pictures at Landscape, will oversee development for Landscape.

Billy Liar is the story of Billy Fisher who lives a life of dreams in his head, while trying to escape the mundane, small-town life around him. Telling lies to avoid being exposed as a two-timer, he then meets the girl of his dreams who makes him wonder if he could live without lying at all. The film was scripted by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall from their own stage play.

Other Landscape films in development include Romantic Comedy with MGM, Cyber Love Story written by Ron Bass and to be directed by Roland Emmerich, In A Heartbeat to be directed by Allen Coulter and Flynn from the mystery novels by Gregory McDonald.