Italy's Bim, which has three titles playing in competitionat the Venice Film Festival, will co-produce Bertrand Blier's next film, CombienTu Gagnes', with Italian diva Monica Bellucci.

Bim president Valerio De Paolis has boarded the Euros 12mproject alongside France's Fidelite, which is Francois Ozon's long-termproduction partner. Bim also owns Italian distribution rights.

The film, which will start shooting next February in Paris,is about a solitary 50 year-old man who, every night, passes in front of anight club where beautiful prostitutes work. Having won the lottery, he goesinto the club one night and asks one prostitute (Monica Bellucci) to be hiswife for five years.

Blier, who has also written the screenplay, is now lookingto cast a French actor as the male lead.

Bim's upcoming distribution slate includes three titles thatare currently playing in competition in Venice: Francois Ozon's 5x2,Mike Leigh's Vera Drake, and MarziyehMeshkini's Stray Dogs.

Bim's co-production and distribution slate also includesAustrian director Michael Haneke's Hidden (Cache), an Euros 8mco-production with France's Les Films du Losange, which is currently shootingin Paris and Austria with Daniel Auteuil and Juliette Binoche.

Bim is also the Italian distributor behindMichael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, which, since its release on August 27,has already become Italy's biggest-grossing documentary of all time.

The picture has grossed over Euros 4m just tendays into its release. De Paolis says that he is targeting a total gross ofEuros 10m.