The Maurits Binger Film Institute will next Friday (Nov 28) unveil details of its new training course for documentary film-makers.

The charitable foundation, which finances film development and partners with leading festivals in The Netherlands, is adding to its script development and director coaching courses by launching a 'long-running international training and development programme for the long-form narrative documentary.'
Drawing on the Binger Institute's experience in narrative fiction storytelling and its recent intensive documentary training programme undertaken in South Africa (10: Stories Of Freedom), the new course is structured as a modular programme matching key stages of development, production, and post-production. Modules will include: storytelling and narrative strategies in documentary; discovery of visual voice and a unique filmic language; shooting the film you imagined; storytelling in the edit; and shaping the film in the cutting room.

The programme is primarily intended for directors, but producers, cinematographers and editors working on the project will be encouraged to join the directors in appropriate sessions.

Dirk Willemsen, director of the Binger Institute and renowned director Stan Neumann will unveil further details today between 15h-17:30 today at De Salon in de Balie.