When The Lights Went Out to receive a unique premiere.

Tonight sees the world’s smallest multimedia screening premiere, taking place simultaneously in Yorkshire and London.

The film? Revolver’s When The Lights Went Out, a based on real life ghost story about a poltergeist that haunted a Pontefract family for several years.

To mark the release, Revolver teamed up with LoveFilm to give two film fans a chance to watch the film in the actual haunted house, where they will be met by the film’s producer Bil Bungay and key cast. And if that wasn’t enough, the event will be rounded off with the classic British combo of tea and cakes at the local community centre in Pontefract.

This screening will run simultaneously with London’s Prince Charles Theatre, where a live Skype stream of the house will be shown along with an interactive tour of the house and interviews with Bungay and the cast.

But if you weren’t lucky enough to be one of the two winners, you can catch When The Lights Went Out at cinemas nationwide from Sept 14, with previews in Yorkshire from Sept 12.