The UK's ex-Monty Python Terry Jones and unusual Icelandic songbird Björk have joined the cast of the 3D animated film Anna And The Moods, which is currently being developed by Iceland's CAOZ Ltd. in Reykjavik.

Directed and created by Gunnar Karlsson, Anna And The Moods will feature music composed by Julian Nott (Wallace And Gromit) and performed by the Brodsky Quartet. The half-hour film is scripted by Sjon, who collaborated with Lars von Trier on Dancer In The Dark, Björk's acclaimed feature debut.

The pop-diva will be voicing Anna, the perfect child who one day wakes up, looking like a sad version of Marlyn Manson. Sjon, who performed the story live on a tour with the Brodsky Quartet earlier in the year, also star as the mad scientist Dr. Artmann. Terry Jones will narrate the film.

Anna And The Moods will be presented at September's Cartoon Forum in Varese, Italy, and is scheduled for an Icelandic release late 2004.

The production, which is headed by Hilmar Sigurdsson, has received development funding from the Icelandic Film Centre and Northern Lights Communications have acquired Icelandic theatre, sell-through and TV rights for their own Channel 2.