Blockbuster Video hasawarded its first ever $100,000 Independent Filmmaker Award to writer/directorDean Pollack on the basis of his debut feature Show And Tell, which has screened at various film festivalsincluding the Austin Film Festival where it won the second place award.

Set in the world of tabloidTV, Show And Tell is the story ofan aspiring actress who decides to bring a sordid and controversial tale ontothe stage of a tabloid TV show.

Pollack is a graduate of NewYork University Film School and has worked previously as an editor of bothshort and long form programming for CBS, NBC, Fox, A&E, Showtime andHBO/Cinemax. He is currently working on his second film The Gardener'sDaughter from a screenplay by StevenPeros (The Cat's Meow). ShowAnd Tell co-producer Franny BaldwinBenullo will also co-produce The Gardener's Daughter with Carol Lewis.