Video chain Blockbuster has slapped a ban on stocking selected movie releases from AOL Time Warner, after the troubled US media giant said it would ignore the traditional six month 'rental window' and put its video and DVD titles on sale early.

In response to AOL Time Warner's decision Blockbuster said it would veto many of the media giant's titles, including heavily promoted recent release Training Day. "Blockbuster will not be stocking selected movies released by AOL Time Warner, to rent or buy on both DVD and VHS in any of its stores,' a spokesman for the company confirmed.

Warner Home Video is understood to have adopted the move after studies showed that when the six-month 'rental window' was eliminated, both sales and rental volumes increased. "We have implemented these policies to benefit the consumer and the industry as a whole," Warner said in a statement.

However the decision has angered many in the UK rental industry concerned that such a move could produce a domino effect with other companies following suit. Barry Robinson, chairman of 150 strong group of independent British Movie Zone stores, told local press that Warner's decision "could sound the death knell for the industry.'