Screen has a tense clip from oil rush thriller Pioneer, which has its international premiere at Toronto

Erik Skjoldbjaerg directs the conspiracy thriller about the risky experiments and shady dealings that led to the birth of the oil-drilling industry in the early 1980’s. The story follows a deep-sea diver as he slowly pieces together the link between the oil companies, the government authorities and his friend’s “unexpected” death. 

Pioneer stars Aksel Hennie (Headhunters), Wes Bentley (American Beauty) and Stephen Lang (The Men Who Stare At Goats) and is produced by Friland Film, the company behind 2011 crime drama Headhunters.

It will receive its international premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept 6. It marks Skjoldbjaerg’s third visit to the festival, having previously screened Insomnia (1997) and Prozac Nation (2001) there.

TrustNordisk is handling international sales of the film. Magnolia Pictures will be distributing the film in the US.