It was hats off to Harvey time at yesterday's Venice press conference for Bobby as director Emilio Estevez and star Lindsay Lohan both paidtribute to Harvey Weinstein, the head of The Weinstein Company (which will bereleasing Bobby in the US.)

"Bobby Kennedy stood for thelittle guy and the underdog. Perhaps that is what I needed and I found it inHarvey Weinstein," said Estevez, the actor-turned-director.

"Everyone really believed inEmilio, including Harvey,' Lohan said.

Bobby wasscreening in Venice as "a work in progress."

"I think you all know thatwhen you do a film and Harvey Weinstein is involved, it is always a work inprogress until the movie is released,' Estevez joked. He revealed that he hasnow recruited Bryan Adams to write a song, NeverGoing To Break My Faith, for the end credits. Aretha Franklin has agreed toperform the anthem.

Bobby isset in the California hotel where politician Robert "Bobby" Kennedy wasassassinated. It features an all-star cast, including Sharon Stone, Demi Moore,Anthony Hopkins, Lohan and Harry Belafonte, all of whom "worked for scale."

"It is time to rememberRobert Kennedy and what he stood for. He was an extraordinary leader. He wasmore than a politician,' Estevez said.

The director told the pressthat he had met Kennedy and had shaken his hand.

"I met Bobby Kennedy in1967. I was five years old at the time and I was on my father's shoulders.Bobby reached out and touched my hand. You could say that was when this journey(to make the film) began."

The press conference took ona surreal quality as Lindsay Lohan was bombarded with questions about suchmatters as her feelings for Venice "it's beautiful and very romantic and awonderful place") and her reputation as a "bit of a bad girl."

Estevez called for Lohan'sgeneration to embrace politics. "We need to sex up the political process. It isincumbent upon Lindsay's generation to re-engage with the political process, tosex it up and make it chic again,' he said.