Shooting has started in county Wicklow on Ayodhiya, Ireland's first Bollywood co-production.

Having shot for five weeks in the southern province of Tamil Nadu in India, a 36 person cast and crew have travelled to Ireland for the final two weeks of principal photography.

The story is a 'love divided' tale of a Hindu man and his Muslim lover. He exiles himself to Ireland and she follows him in a desperate attempt to woo him home.

The film deals with sectarian tensions between Muslim and Hindu communities in India. Ayodhiya is an ancient holy site for both religions and in the early 1990s 3,000 people were killed in riots sparked by an attack on the historic mosque by militant Hindus.

Ayodhiya is a Jaya Vilas Productions film produced by J.P. Rajamani and co-produced by Breandan Goss of PuCan films in Dublin.