A terrorist bombing has injured six actors and crew on the set of Iranian film maker Samira Makhmalbaf's Two Legged Horse (Asbedopa).

The film was half way through its planned shoot but production has now been halted while the Makhmalbaf family leaves Afghanistan. A production spokesman said they don't yet know the future of the production.

The bomber is believed to have inflitrated the set pretending to be an extra before throwing the bomb from a rooftop.

ISAF Security forces say they believe the attack was an attempt on the lives the Makhmalbaf family rather than an assault from either the Taliban or Al Qaeda.

The bomb was thrown during the filming of a scene and the incident - in which a horse was killed - is believed to have been caught on film.

One actor was said to be disfigured and won't be able to act anymore. Samira Makhmalbaf's assistant has been 'seriously injured.'

It is not the first attempt on the lives of the Makhmalbaf family. There were four earlier incidents dating back to 2000.

Two Legged Horse (Asbedopa), written by Mohsen Makhmalbaf and directed by Samira Makhmalbaf is a joint production by Makhmalbaf Film House and Wild Bunch.