A bomb threat interrupted Monday evening's programme at the 37th HungarianFilm Week in Budapest. Officials atthe Mammut Shopping and Entertainment Centre near Moscow Square [Moskva ter] in Budapestasked festival attendees and all others in the two buildings of the103,000-square-metre facility to evacuate the premises shortly after 7 p.m. local time. Police continued to prevententrance to the buildings late into Monday evening.

Festival organizers would not comment on the scare, but said that festivalevents would resume as scheduled Tuesday morning. The festival is set toconclude February 7 with the announcement of the winner of the featurecompetition.

As of press time there was no word from police regarding the precise natureof the threat or who might be responsible.

Two Hungarian dailies, Magyar Hirlap and Nepszabadság, joined other European papers February 2 inreprinting caricatures of the prophet Mohammed originally published in Denmark.