Mumbai-based Bombay Berlin Film Production (BBFP) is stepping into international sales with Indian drama Prasaad, which is receiving its market premiere at EFM. 

Directed by Manoj Sati, the film was financed by Bangalore-based production outfit AKK Entertainment. AKK was founded by Indian businessman Ashok Kheny who is constructing a media hub in Bangalore and also aims to build a film city with studios and sound stages.

The film tells the story of a man who prays for two things – to win the lottery and to have a son. He doesn’t win the lottery, but his wife gives birth to a boy. The son turns out to be deaf but exceptionally talented and later wins the lottery.

The Kannada-language drama features two stars of South Indian films and television series – actor Arjun Sarja and actress Madhuri Bhattacharya.

The actor who plays the boy, Sankalp Jha, was deaf when the film was made, but can now partially hear after the producers of the film paid for a hearing implant.

BBFP is a production, consultancy and production services company co-owned by Indian actor Arfi Lamba, producer and casting director Abhijeet Singh Baghel and Katharina Suckale, who previously worked for Paris-based MK2.