Quebecois action comedy Bon CopBad Cop became the first Quebec-made filmto break into the North American box office Top 20, all of it garnered withinthe province's exhibition circuits in Eastern Canada.

Released by Alliance AtlantisVivafilm in the Quebec province August 4, the film pulled in over $1.27m(C$1.43m), the largest ever first weekend gross for a Quebecois movie. It's aphenomenal figure given that C$1m is considered a bench mark for a hit filmacross the length of its Quebec theatrical run.

The film directed by Erik Canueland produced by Kevin Tierney of Montreal's Park Ex Pictures and stars ColmFeore and Patrick Huard.

Alliance Atlantis Vivafilmpresident Guy Gagnon credited the film's success to its popularity with bothFrench and English-speaking audiences. "It's the first time that a moviefrom Quebec has generated as much interest in English as in French, a level ofsuccess usually associated with American blockbusters".

Indeed, the picture -- anAnglo-French buddy cop comedy -- is described as the first truly "bilingual"Canadian film; it was considered a risky proposition in a country whereEnglish-speakers and French-speakers occupy two separate cultural realms.English audiences are treated to French-subtitled versions and vice versa.

The real challenge comes August 18when the film is released across Canada. If the rest of Anglo-Canada agrees,this could mark the beginning of a beautiful friendship.