Hit comedy Bon Cop BadCop has become the highest-grossingCanadian film of all time, toppling the 1982 release Porky's from the top spot.

Directed by Erik Canuel,produced by Kevin Tierney of Montreal's Park Ex Pictures and released acrossCanada by Alliance Atlantis' Motion Picture Distribution, the film notched acumulative gross of $10m (C$11,355,487 to be precise) this past weekendsurpassing Porky's $9.88m. It hasbeen on-screen in Quebec - where it has grossed more than $7.9m - since August4 and on screens in English Canada since August 18.

Described as the first truly "bilingual" Canadian film, the buddy cop picturepairs a French-Canadian detective with an English-Canadian investigator in aninter-provincial murder mystery. It was considered a risky proposition in acountry where English-speakers and French-speakers occupy two separate culturalrealms. English audiences are treated to French-subtitled versions and viceversa. "I suppose this means we have become the new pigs on the block,"said Tierney, in a statement.

The hoopla maybe short-lived. The highly-anticipated Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, based on a local cult cable televisionseries about three low-life denizens of a trailer park, opened this weekendwith a gross of C$1.3m, to become the 11th top grossing film inNorth America. Produced by Ivan Reitman (who is Canadian by birth), the film isa Canadian production; it too is released by Alliance Atlantis MPD.