Director John Boorman is going back to Camelot with Knight's Castle, a $35m family fantasy movie about a boy's quest for Excalibur, being financed by

First Look Media and Cinerenta.

Based on the book by Edward Eager, the film is being produced with Boorman and Kevin Corrigan's Merlin Films and sold internationally by First Look's international sales arm Overseas Filmgroup.

Tony Grisoni, who scripted both Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas and Good Omens for Terry Gilliam, has written the script about a young boy in contemporary Massachussetts who travels back in time to a fantasy world of knights, kings, magicians and Robin Hood.

Aided by Merlin The Magician and joined by his sister and cousins, the boy begins his quest for Excalibur. Boorman will produce with Bill Vince and Cinerenta's Michael Ohoven. Cinerenta's Mario Ohoven and Eberhard Kayser will executive produce alongside Merlin's Corrigan and Isabelle Weibrecht. Knight's Castle continues a relationship between First Look and Cinerenta which began with A Map Of The World with Sigourney Weaver and Julianne Moore and continued with Quicksand starring Michael Caine and Michael Keaton and Evelyn directed by Bruce Beresford and starring Pierce Brosnan.

Overseas has also picked up international distribution on LeVar Burton's directorial debut Blizzard, a Christmas family movie starring Brenda Blethyn, Kevin Pollak, Christopher Plummer and Whoopi Goldberg. The film is produced by Knightscove Entertainment.