Killersheep and Sacha Baron Cohen are highlights of aseriously upgraded Midnight Madness programme at theupcoming Toronto International Film Festival. The late-night cult-themedsidebar has been graced with five world premieres including the docu-spoof Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make BenefitGlorious Nation Of Kazakhstan, starring the Ali G star Cohen in hisguise as Kazakhstani journalist BoratSagdiyev.

Otherworld premieres are Black Sheep, fromNew Zealand director Jonathan King, a mock horror story about a flock of sheeptransformed into blood-thirsty killers via the special effects of famed KiwiSFX house Weta Workshop; All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, from US director Jonathan Levine, inwhich a popular high schooler finds herself on agradually depopulated class trip; TheAbandoned, from Spanish filmmaker Nacho Cerda,wherein a woman returns to her ancestral home and comes face to face with herlong-dead relatives; and Trapped Ashes,an anthology of camp fire scares featuring short fright stories from Joe Dante(Gremlins), Ken Russell (Tommy), Sean Cunningham (Friday The 13th), Monte Hellman (Two-LaneBlacktop) and John Gaeta, the visual effectssupervisor of The Matrix trilogy.

Roundingout the programme are the North American premieres ofSouth Korean title The Host by Bong Joon-ho; Severance,from UK director Christopher Smith, and animated feature Princess, from Denmark's Anders Morgenthaler.US title S&Manby JT Petty is an international premiere while Sheitan, from France's Kim Chapiron is a Canadian premiere.