Danish filmmaker Ole Bornedal is putting the final touches on a new feature script, Just Another Love Story, set to go before the cameras in spring-summer 2003.

The thriller sees an ordinary family man, who gets a chance to change his identity in a split second and does - only he shouldn't have and his life turns into a nightmare.

It will be produced by Bornedal's long-time collaborator Michael Obel of Thura Film, and it follows in the steps of their 1994 breakthrough chiller, Nattevagten, which the writer-director later remade in English for Miramax as The Nightwatchman with Ewan McGregor and Nick Nolte in 1998.

'The film will be Bornedal at his best,' promises Obel, 'a great thriller about modern life, relationships and love.' The producer describes the film as inexpensive and universal and expects to find financing partners in Germany and the UK, but has yet to decide if the film will be shot in Danish or English.