Notcontent with starring in international hit The Chorus (Les Choristes) -which opened in the UK this week through Pathe with a $255,566 (£132,636) startat 64 locations - Gerard Jugnot's latest directorial effort, Boudu, wasthe highest new entry on the international chart.

Based on a French stage play by Rene Fauchois that wasadapted for film by Jean Renoir in 1932 and inspired Paul Mazursky's 1986 UScomedy Down And Out In Beverly Hills, Boudu sold 420,000 ticketsby Sunday in France. It is Jugnot's eighth film as director and star. With theexception of 1996's Fallait Pas!, all have sold over one million ticketsin France.

Boudu also opened in Belgium throughAlternative Films ranking sixth and in French-speaking Switzerland for MonopolePathe where it finished fifth in the region.

At thetop of the chart Hitch held strong boosted by a number one wide launchin the UK and new release pole positions in various European territoriesincluding Italy, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. It also enjoyedstrong holdovers in many territories including Australia and Germany where itslipped 34% and 29% in its second weeks, respectively.

MillionDollar Babylaunched into second place in South Korea, ahead of Hitch, for TubeEntertainment continuing the multi-Oscar winning picture's post-awardsstrength. It currently stands on $46.7m.

Japanesesubmarine drama Lorelei: The Witch Of The Pacific Ocean slipped a mere18% in its second weekend but took a dive to number two in the territory aslocal anime title Rockman Exe And Duel Masters took over the lead.

Otherlocal triumphs included South Korean comedy chart topper Mapado justbehind Rockman on the international chart and Spanish football comedy ElPenalty Mas Largo Del Mundo at 21.

ElPenalty has tosettle for second place in Spain as the chart was dominated by Tri Pictures' BladeTrinity, a release that shot the film back up to number six on theinterational table.

Theweekend also saw Hollywood titles Robots, Be Cool and Hostage begintheir international roll-outs.

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The international table is compiled each week by Leonard Klady for Screen International.