Jason Bourne kicked the Simpsons out of the top spot as The Bourne Ultimatum took $15.2m in its third weekend - pushing it past the $50m mark. The third instalment of the franchise expanded into a further five territories, taking $2.5m in its first weekend in Russia and opening to $1.1m in Brazil. The Simpsons Movie dropped 48% to number three, taking $11.5m at the weekend, while Disney's Ratatouille took $11.8m, putting it at number two. Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix crossed the $600m mark in its seventh weekend, while comedy writer/director Judd Apatow continues to build his empire: Knocked Up increased 632% at the weekend after a $3.1m opening in the UK. Bollywood comedy Heyy Babyy made the top 10 in its first weekend with $4.2m, while The Last Legion, Taxi 4, Sicko and In The Land Of Women all re-entered the chart.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(2)The Bourne Ultimatum (US)$15,165,1952,059$52,554,83024
2(3)Ratatouille (US)$11,826,0002,820$172,349,00029
3(1)The Simpsons Movie (US)$11,537,7116,158$289,723,60341
4(4)Harry Potter And The... Phoenix (US-UK)$9,882,6395,254$608,984,48062
5(5)Rush Hour 3 (US)$8,053,7512,054$40,217,63819
6(31)Knocked Up (US)$6,886,6811,628$25,536,26019
7(6)Transformers (US)$5,665,2893,903$367,102,83950
8(9)Evan Almighty (US)$5,305,8502,760$40,700,37534
9NewHeyy Babyy (Ind)$4,238,761763$4,238,7611
10(13)May 18 (S Kor)$3,912,664317$45,268,7711
11(12)D-War (S Kor)$3,817,283369$54,579,0631
12(8)Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (US)$3,356,2171,964$141,674,95213
13(7)Surf's Up (US)$3,283,0161,973$32,162,94134
14(38)Disturbia (US)$2,835,969752$15,138,97117
15(11)Die Hard 4.0 (US)$2,673,0121,629$220,219,61117
16(14)Underground Rendezvous (S Kor)$2,551,079257$8,165,4821
17(21)Hairspray (US)$2,381,8091,021$28,400,91818
18(20)Changing Partners (S Kor)$2,315,375258$6,348,1941
19(15)License To Wed (US)$2,232,5121,342$14,196,64616
20(30)No Reservations (US)$2,176,537756$7,590,90216
21(10)Stardust (UK-US)$2,124,616516$12,579,2044
22NewGloss (Rus)$2,090,240498$2,090,2401
23(17)Ocean's Thirteeen (US)$2,002,022694$184,612,63128
24New3 Amis (Fr)$1,943,601460$1,943,6012
25NewLife: Tears In Heaven (Jap)$1,672,793289$1,672,7931
26NewSwindler In My Mom's House (S Kor)$1,668,042284$2,260,7341
27*The Last Legion (US-UK-Fr-Slov-It)$1,661,081298$6,161,3401
28(19)Chak De India (Ind)$1,596,993473$13,845,78515
29*Taxi 4 (Fr)$1,463,801286$58,584,3014
30(18)Bratz (US)$1,448,095678$6,245,0465
31(16)I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (US)$1,424,691353$7,355,7556
32(28)Next (US)$1,061,585591$37,236,5867
33*Sicko (US)$891,252424$1,534,8188
34(25)Blood Brothers (Chi)$845,290339$3,887,9983
35(27)Pokemon 2007 (Jap)$828,642321$39,739,776 1
36(26)Monkey Magic (Jap)$824,467461$33,824,181 1
37(23)Shrek The Third (US)$817,4911,437$417,624,89119
38NewSomeone Behind You (S Kor)$783,802193$1,150,4971
39NewEl Club De Los Suicidas (Sp)$727,193321$727,1931
40*In The Land Of Women (US)$716,060188$308,7441
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady