With only one new entrant into the marketplace and a smattering of openings for other frontrunners, Universal's The Bourne Ultimatum looks set for a third straight international box office win this weekend.

The latest installment in the Bourne spy thriller franchise has now reached $128.8m internationally. It opens, through Universal Pictures International (UPI), in one new market this weekend, arriving on 50 screens in India on Friday (Sept 21).

Resident Evil: Extinction, from Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI), is the marketplace's sole new contender. The third and final outing in the video game-derived sci-fi horror series makes its international debut day-and-date with its North American release, opening on 350 screens in Mexico on Friday.

The series' two previous entries were both bigger internationally than domestically: 2002's Resident Evil took $62.3m outside North America and 2004's Resident Evil: Apocalypse $78.2m.

Only one of last week's top five international performers has a major-territory opening. Warner Bros Pictures International's No Reservations, whose international total currently stands at $25.9m, launches on 300 Spanish screens on Friday.

Spain is one of two territories getting three new US studio releases this weekend. Friday also sees the Spanish launches of Disturbia, which Paramount Pictures International (PPI) opens on 200 screens, and Fox International's Russian acquisition Day Watch, which hits 250 screens.

Disturbia (with $28.5m to date internationally) and Day Watch ($27.9m including home territory Russia, for which Fox does not own rights) also went head-to-head on Thursday (Sept 20) in Germany, with the former on 300 screens and the latter on 263.

Australia got another trio of new studio movies on Thursday. UPI's Evan Almighty (with $54.4m from international so far) opened on 231 screens, SPRI's Superbad ($4m) on 230, and PPI's Stardust ($17.8m) on 200.

Elsewhere around the world, Fox's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer opens on Friday on 500 screens in Japan, the film's last major territory. The comic book sequel has now amassed $146.6m from international markets (including non-Fox territories Germany and Austria).

The same studio's 28 Weeks Later (with $30m international to date) opened on Wednesday (Sept 19) in France with 240 prints.

UPI's other openings (all on Friday) include I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (with $21m outside North America so far), which hits 410 UK screens; Atonement ($9.7m international to date), which arrives on 178 screens in Italy, its second market; and Knocked Up ($49.2m so far), which launches on 80 screens in Brazil.

After making its $1.2m international debut last weekend, PPI's A Mighty Heart expands this weekend onto 200 screens in France and 155 in the UK.

Other PPI international totals to date include $460.1m for Shrek The Third, $381.3m for Transformers, $8.4m for Next, and $5.9m from the UK only for 1408.

SPRI also opens local football drama Salir Pitando on 325 screens in Spain on Friday. And the studio's Surf's Up (with $43.4m from international so far) opened on 81 screens in New Zealand on Thursday.