EXCLUSIVE: Twenty-five local-language films released through Fox International in 2013 gained approximately 10% on the same number distributed in 2012.

Including carry-over from a handful of 2012 tiles, the roster brought in a little under $200m over the calendar year compared to $177m in 2012.

Fox International Productions’ anime Dragonball Z was Fox’s top local language release in 2013 on $30.6m in Japan.

Next up was Break-Up Man on $24.6m in Germany, followed by Philomena in the UK on $16.9m.

Rounding out the top five were Feuchtgebiete in Germany on $16m and Gorko! in Russia on $11.9m.

Russia generated the most box office out of the BRIC markets overall for Fox International – local-language and Hollywood releases – on $216.3m for an 18% gain on $183.4m in 2012.

Box office in China dropped 79% from $365.2m in 2012 to $77.7m a year later, while India fell 41% from $89.3m to $52.7m and Brazil fell a marginal 3% from $116.7m in 2012 to $12.9m.