UPDATE: Warner Bros, New Line and MGM’s The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug brought in a confirmed $97.4m from 16,840 screens in 56 markets to reach $278.4m after two weekends.

Warner Bros Pictures International executives reported that the fantasy sequel is tracking at the same pace as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey after the same stage and had reached $406m worldwide.

Smaug opened top in Russia on $19m from 2,115 for Warner Bros’ biggest debut in history to track a little more than 12% ahead of Journey.

In the second weekend the film stayed top and added $14.7m in Germany from 1,460 for $39.2m. It held on to pole position in the UK as $8.7m from 1,608 boosted the score to $32.5m and grossed $8.7m in France from 917 for $26m to finish the session 16% ahead of Journey.

Smaug ranks number one in Spain where $3.6m from 847 propelled the tally to $12.5m. Elsewhere the film added $3.2m in South Korea for $12.2m to rank second, $2.8m in Italy for $9.5m to rank second and $2.5m in Brazil for $10.4m to stay top. It grossed $2.3m in Mexico for $10.7m to rank second and brought in a further $2.4m in Sweden for $10.6m to rank number one.

The film arrives in Australia on December 26, China on February 21 2014 and Japan in the traditional Lord Of The Rings corridor on February 28 2014.

Gravity grossed $4.1m from 1,769 screens in 32 markets for $398.8m and added approximately $2.2m from the second weekend in Japan to reach $8.7m. China has generated $68m, the UK $42.3m, Germany $17.3m, France $47.3m, South Korea $29.2m, Russia $21.2m, Australia $19.5m, Mexico $17.6m and Spain $11.1m. Italy and Brazil have completed their runs on $8.6m and $8.1m, respectively.

  • Frozen maintained momentum through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International heading into the holiday stretch as $35.1m from 33 territories in the fourth session boosted the tally to $152.6m.

The worldwide haul is $344.2m including $191.6m in North America. The animation has delivered $26.5m in Germany, $26.3m in the UK, $21.2m in France, $19.6m in Russia, $12m in Spain, $5.5m from a number one debut in Mexico, $4.8m in Poland, $3.2m in Switzerland and $3.1m in Malaysia. There was a $2.9m Italian launch.

Frozen arrives this week in Australia, Norway, Denmark, Ukraine, Taiwan, Uruguay, Peru, Panama and New Zealand. It opens in Brazil on January 3 2014 and in Japan on March 15 2014. China is yet to be set.

Saving Mr Banks has reached $5.5m, the bulk of which has come from the UK where the drama has amassed $5.4m.

Thor: The Dark World stands at $426.3m internationally and $627.1m worldwide factoring in the $200.8m North American tally. Disney executives will cease reporting on the superhero sequel until it opens in Japan on February 12014.

  • Huayi Brothers’ Chinese comedy Personal Tailor from Feng Xiaogang grossed around $24m. Firestorm added a further $6.7m to reach $38m and The Attorney grossed $11m.
  • UPDATE: BBC Earth and Reliance Entertainment’s 3D family title Walking With Dinosaurs opened in 38 markets to gross $13m from 7,989 screens. Thirty-four markets opened through Fox International, which secured a swath of markets including the US in a major deal with sales agent IM Global at the AFM back in 2010.

The UK was the leader on $1.6m from 597, followed by Russia on $1.5m from 1,512, South Korea on $1.4m from 434, Japan on $1.4m from 600, Mexico on $1.2m from 1,204 and France on $1.3m on 843.

The film opened in Germany, Austria and Switzerland through Constantin on around $500,000 and grossed $250,000 in Holland and $200,000 in Belgium through Dutch Filmworks and $425,000 through eOne in Canada. It opens in Spain on December 25.

Fox International Pictures’ Chilean co-production Citizen Kramer held well in its third weekend at the top in Chile as a 6% fall resulted in $480,000 from 125 for $3.3m. It has become the biggest Chilean film of 2013 and ranks as the third biggest Chilean film in history heading into two months of summer vacation. The Counselor has reached $47.9m, Epic $162.8m and Enough Said $5.3m.

  • Paramount Pictures International executives reported that the first wave of Anchorman 2 day-and-date releases with North America generated $13.4m from six territories.

The executives added that this gross was already nearly three times bigger than the entire international run of the first film back in 2004.
The Will Ferrell comedy arrived in the UK on $7.4m from 460 sites over five days in a debut that was 725% better than the original. Australia produced a $5.2m number one result from 243 that was nearly seven times that of the original. New Zealand delivered $480,000 from 64 for number two and Sweden $200,000 from 57 locations to surpass the $24,000 lifetime gross of Anchorman.

  • This week’s release in Japan will push Lionsgate International’s The Hunger Games Catching Fire past $400m after the film took another stride towards the threshold, adding $11m from 83 markets to reach $393.6m.

The adventure sequel arrives in Japan on December 27 and the top markets are the UK on $49.4m, Germany on $36.5m, Australia on $31.4m, China on $28.1m, Russia on $23.9m, Mexico on $22.9m, France on $22.3m, Brazil on $16.8m, Spain on $13.7m and Italy on $10.9m.

  • Despicable Me 2 stands at $552.8m internationally through Universal Pictures International and $920.3m worldwide. The film overtook Shrek 2 on $919.8m to become the fourth biggest animation in history ahead of the January 10 2104 debut in China.

47 Ronin opened in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore to score number one debuts in the latter two markets for Universal Pictures International and generate $2.8m for an early $6.2m running total. The martial arts film arrives in 27 territories this weekend day-and-date with the US.

Rom-com About Time grossed $3.3m from 420 theatres in 15 territories for $59.7m.

Italian comedy Colpi Di Fortuna opened on $2.6m in 465 in Italy and was locked in a battle for pole position with The Hobbit 2. Foosball has reached $9.6m through a handful of Universal markets and opened in Spain at number six on $516,000 from 371 and delivered a number three Chilean debut on $122,000 from 49.

Family animation Moshi Monsters: The Movie, which Universal is releasing in the UK and Australia, opened on $570,000 from 408 dates to rank number eight. All Is Lost, which Universal is distributing in 36 territories, has reached $800,000 and opens in the UK on December 26. Last Vegas, which Universal is distributing in 13 territories, has grossed $8.1m.

  • UPDATE: Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 added a confirmed $3.3m from around 39 territories through Sony Pictures Releasing International to reach $113.9m. Captain Phillips grossed a confirmed $1.3m from around 49 to reach $104.6m.