Screen International’s top 10 films worldwide this weekend.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

 Global Top 10 - May 07-09  
 TitleGross $Scrs
1Iron Man 2187,209,28814,772
2A Nightmare On Elm Street15,592,1424,540
3Alice In Wonderland13,987,8534,425
4Clash Of The Titans12,238,2497,443
5How To Train Your Dragon11,575,3917,059
6Ip Man 210,753,298731
7Date Night9,977,0865,234
8The Back-up Plan9,464,1874,320
9Furry Vengeance8,183,5414,092
10Camping 25,008,341799

*Source: Screen International; Rentrak EDI. Based on North American and international box-office charts.