British director Danny Boyle's latest film, horror title 28 Days Later, swept to the top of the UK box office with the speed of the film's fictitious virus. The film grossed a mighty $2.35m (£1.5m) from its 318 sites for a powerful average of $7,382 per location. These figures include preview figures on Thursday (Halloween) of $281,379 (£179,801) from 265 sites.

28 Days Later, distributed by 20th Century Fox, defeated all comers in the country including Hollywood heavyweights XXX and Lilo & Stitch, despite the 12A and U certificates that these titles received compared to the Fox films' 18. This is particularly impressive since the weekend marked the end of the UK schools' half-term allowing children the chance to attend screenings of Lilo & Stitch, etc., all day Friday.

Starring Cillian Murphy, Naomi Harris, Christopher Eccleston and Brendan Gleeson the film also led in London's West End where it grossed a mighty $207,520 (£132,605) over the weekend. Playing at 14 West End venues this score provided 28 Days Later with a $14,823 average.

The success bodes well for the Fox film, giving it a strong start in its launch territory.