Klaus Maria Brandauer is the latest addition to the cast of Francis Ford Coppola's Tetro which is in its ninth week of shooting in Buenos Aires.

He plays Carlo Tetrocini, a symphony conductor and the father in the story. 'The father is a man of great complexity, arrogance and cruelty,' explained Coppola. 'He is both powerful and controlling. Klaus Maria Brandauer dominates the screen as his character dominates his family. With Vincent Gallo and now Klaus, I have two riveting actors, who have also directed films, which makes for a very dynamic collaboration.'

Gallo plays the title role in the film with Maribel Verdu, Carmen Maura and newcomer Alden Ehrenreich also in the cast. It will shoot in Buenos Aires till June when it will move to Spain; Coppola says that it will be ready for delivery in spring 2009.