Vincent Zhou’s 3D sci-fi adventure to shoot this spring at Pinewood Malaysia.

US actor Brandon Routh and Chinese actress Zhang Yuqi have been cast in Vincent Zhou’s 3D sci-fi adventure, Lost In The Pacific, which is scheduled to start shooting this spring at Pinewood Malaysia studios.

Arclight Films has rights outside China to the film, described as a futuristic “Titanic-in-the-sky” story about a group of elite passengers on board a luxury, transoceanic flight.

Arclight’s Ying Ye is executive producer on the film.  

Routh starred in Superman Returns and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, while Zhang’s credits include White Deer Plain and Stephen Chow’s CJ7.

The film’s crew includes visual effects supervisor Bruce Jones (The Italian Job), art director Ian Bailie (Atonement) and DoP Scott Winig.

The VFX work will take place at Stareast Digital Lab with US VFX production house Venture 3D, which was involved in the 3D version of Titanic and The Chronicles Of Narnia.

Zhou previously directed another aviation-themed disaster film, Last Flight, which muted its publicity campaign in China following the Malaysia Airlines MH370 disaster.

Lost In The Pacific is scheduled for release toward the end of 2015.