Canada's Emotion Pictureshas sold Bigfoot Entertainment's award-winning drama 3 Needles: TheDirector's Cut to ForceEntertainment for Australia and New Zealand and California Filmes for Brazil.US rights were recently sold to Wolfe Releasing in partnership with CovingtonUSA.

Written and directed by ThomFitzgerald the film tells three separate stories that illustrate how HIVtransmission is heightened by ignorance. The cast includes Lucy Liu, Sandra Oh,Shawn Ashmore and Chloe Sevigny.

The film, which has beenendorsed by the United Nations, will be released in several territories onWorld AIDS day on December 1, 2006. In the US, the theatrical release willcoincide with a special World AIDS Day broadcast on Showtime.

The director's cut, which isscreening in the Cannes Market, varies from the Canadian version of the film,including 20 minutes of restored footage and virtually every scene in adifferent order, so that instead of intercutting, the scenario unfolds as threecomplete short stories.