Brazil's box office has been on the upsurge since 1997, according to local research entity Filme B. To date, box office revenues in 2000 have increased by 12% compared to the same period in the previous year to $156m (Real292m) from $139m (Real260m). Due to ticket price increases, admissions have grown by a lower margin of 7%. At the current growth rate, total admissions are expected to reach 75 million, up from 70 million last year.

US films have dominated the box office so far this year with Scary Movie currently topping the charts for the second week running with over $4m.

Local hits have suffered at the box office with only Andrucha Waddington's Me You Them (Eu Tu Eles) (pictured), backed by Sony Pictures Classics and the current hit O Auto Da Compadecida from Columbia TriStar/BVI pulling in significant crowds. Both were supported by strong marketing campaigns.

O Auto Da Compadecida is in its fourth week on 186 screens and has attracted 2 million admissions (over $4m) significantly more than Me You Them's 650,000 ticket sales. However, the market share of local cinema remains stagnant at 8% which translates to around five million admissions.

Year (Admissions) Gross (Average Ticket Price)

1995 (85,000,000) $220,254,654 ($3.88)
1996 (62,000,000) $191,631,373 ($4.57)
1997 (52,000,000) $207,128,370 ($4.60)
1998 (70,000,000) $290,379,109 ($4.70)
1999 (70,000,0000) $199,500,000 ($2.85)
2000* (75,000,000*) $184,210,000* ($3.00*)

* estimates

US$1 = 1.87 Reals