Catherine Breillat's latest project, Scenes Intimes, which started shooting on Nov 19, has already attracted the attention of foreign distributors on the strength of the successes of Romance and A Ma Soeur! (Fat Girl).

Scenes Intimes - produced, like Romance and Fat Girl , by Flach Films and starring Anne Parillaud (best-known for her award-winning performance in Luc Besson's Nikita) and Gregoire Colin - will wrap in January and post-production will be completed in the summer of 2002 (in time for Venice).

Flach Pyramide International (FPI), which is handling the title worldwide has already started pre-sales (Russia is sold to Central Partnership, Mexico to Gussi, Peru to Ormantia Films and Finland to Cinema Mondo).

According to FPI's Eric Lagesse : "Both Romance and Fat Girl have proved hot sellers for us. Romance has had a very good career abroad and we are wrapping up the sales of Fat Girl, but pre-selling an arthouse title such as Scenes Intimes is a rare feat. It proves that Breillat's films are now as eagerly-awaited abroad as are Eric Rohmer's titles."