Black Death director Christopher Smith is developing Detour, a US-based road movie thriller with elements of film noir.

Smith has just completed the second draft, which he told Screen is  “a modern re-spin on the film-noir genre with a structural shake up.”

“It’s about how one decision can carve two entirely separate destinies,” added Smith.

The project, which centres around a roadtrip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, has already received UK Film Council development funding.  

Julie Baines and Jason Newmark are producing for Dan Films. Baines will be taking the project to the European Producers Co-Production Forum in Berlin, with a view to teaming up with international partners.

Baines, who also produced Smith’s previous films Creep and Triangle, said she is also looking into the option of shooting the film in Canada. “There are various incentives, and lots of films set in the US are shot in Canada. We are just looking into the possibilities”

“Having worked with Chris on several films, I am expecting this to be good,” she added.