The second-annual Britdoc festival wrapped Friday with its international jury prize going to Darfur project The Devil Came On Horseback by Annie Sundberg & Ricki Stern.

The winner of the Screen International British competition was Kim Longinotto's Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go, about a school for children with severe emotional difficulties.

The international jury also gave an honourable mention to Andrey Paoulov's The Mosquito Problem & Other Stories and a special jury prize to Jason Kohn's Manda Bala (Send A Bullet).

The MySpace audience award went to China's Stolen Children by Jezza Neumann.

The short film competition award went to Luke Sewell's A Medium At Large, with a special mention to Smalltown Boy by Moby Longinotto.

The Studio Artois and Channel 4 competition for recycling-related shorts gave its prize to Tom Eldridge's The Recycler.

International juror Steven Bognar, whose films include A Lion In The House, had high praise for Britdoc. 'In just two years, Britdoc has become one fo the essential documentary festivals in the world,' he told the crowd assembled at the awards ceremony.