Brock Norman Brock has joinedVertigo Films to help produce and develop the UKproduction and distribution company's new slate.

Brock was formerly acting head ofthe Premiere Fund at the UK Film Council, where he worked on films including Gosford Park, Young Adam, and Valiant.Before joining the UKFC, he was the head of development at Robert Jones' Jonescompany, where he worked on films such as Dirty Pretty Things.

"Brock has joined Vertigo Films to both produceand develop a diverse range of projects," said Vertigo's Allan Niblo. "His position and experience have given him aremarkable knowledge and insight into both the UKand international film business and that combined with his taste and aestheticmake him a perfect fit into the Vertigo ethos."

Vertigo's past productions includeIt's All Gone Pete Tong, The Football Factory, and The Business. The company is currently in production on Dirty Sanchez TheMovie with MTV and in pre-production on Nick Love's vigilante story Outlaw.