Nir Bergman's Broken Wings is to receive a 24 print release across Germany, the widest ever release in the country for an Israeli film.

The wide release, through distributor Alamode Films, is largely thanks to a deal between Israeli Film Fund and the NRW Fund in Germany, which sees each side participating in the distribution costs in its own territory for films produced by the co-signatory.

Earlier this year, when Whale Rider (which has NRW backing) was released in Israel, the Israeli Fund backed the local distributing company, Gil Productions. The result was an impressive performance of 75,000 admissions, way above the average for this type of product.

When Alamode took over Broken Wings, NRW came up with close to $80,000 as their part of the deal, an essential contribution needed to provide this type and size of release for the film.

The film premiered last week and the full release is planned for mid-January. Katriel Schori, the head of Israeli fund, back from the opening night in Cologne, is about to sign a similar one with the Argentine Cinema Institute to cover the Argentine market and is looking for more partners of this kind in other territories as well.