Morten Tyldum's romantic comedy Buddy and Ulf Malmros' Swedish black gangster comedy Slim Susie (Smala Sussi) are both to receive pan-Nordic releases via distribution major Sandrew Metronome.

Very few Norwegian films get released in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland with 2001's box-office hit Elling an exception to the rule. Swedish films generally do well across the region.

Denmark is a notoriously difficult market for films from neighbouring countries. Even highly successful films like Elling, Together and Kops fought a loosing battle at the box-office.

Hopes, however, will be high for Buddy which has recently picked up audience awards from Karlovy Vary and Haugesund. It is released in Norway on Aug 29.

Slim Susie had its world premiere this weekend as closing film at New Nordic Films, the film market in Haugesund. The film, which opens in Sweden on Oct 3, was produced by Gota Film's Christer Nilsson (We Can Be Heroes. The New Country).

Sandrew Metronome picked up both films at development stage. "I think we have two films that reach out to the movie going crowd who frequent our cinemas most often," says Frida Ohrvik, CEO of both Sandrew Metronome Norway and the acquisitions and rights holding company Sandrew Metronome International.

"These films speak to their hearts and their sense of humour and they have an almost universal appeal. I am sure that the films will be huge successes in their respective countries of production and also be able to reach out across the borders."