Buena Vista Home Entertainment has shipped 150,000 DVDs of Tarzan to Japanese stores - a company record for an initial DVD shipment in Japan and the second highest number industry-wide since Warner Home Entertainment released The Matrix on DVD in March.

In co-operation with the Fuji TV network, Buena Vista is mounting a major Tarzan DVD promotional campaign and plans to ship a total of 500,000 units - a number that is expected give a significant boost to DVD player sales this summer.

Tarzan earned $26.4m (Y2.8bn) at the Japanese box office, the third highest total for a Disney animated film after Aladdin and The Lion King. Meanwhile, sales of the video have amounted to $42.1m (Y4.5bn). Buena Vista is planning to release seven Disney animation titles on DVD by the end of the year, including Little Mermaid II.