Buffalo Soldiers, FilmFour and Focus' long-delayed GI's and drugs picture, is finally set to get its first release more than a year after premiering at Toronto on the eve of September 11.

While many buyers are still worried about escalating tensions between the US and Iraq, Prokino/Fox has announced it will release the black comedy in Germany, where it shot and is set, on 150 prints in October.

The film, which recently made its European premiere before 2,500 people in a castle in Karlsruhe (pictured), will go out as Army Go Home, a well-known slogan in Germany referring to GIs stationed in the country post WW2.

"September 11 was also a total catastrophe for Buffalo Soldiers," says Prokino chief Stephan Hutter. "However, in the meantime things have changed remarkably. "

The film, which features GIs stationed in Germany during the 80s dealing and taking drugs, may also get a release in the UK: Momentum Pictures is seen as the frontrunner in a pack of distributors circling the slate of FilmFour, which is being wound down. Miramax is expected to open the film in March in the US.