One of Italy's fastest-growing sales companies, Buskin Film, has sold a five-film package to Panama's Dynamic Group including Peter Del Monte's Against The Wind, which screened recently at the Berlin Film Festival.

Buskin, which specializes in Italian auteur cinema, also sold to Dynamic the four films that launched the company at Mifed last year: Giochi Di Equilibrio, directed by Amadeo Fago, Egidio Eronico's Il Guardiano, L'Accertamento from Lucio Lunerti, and Fondali Notturni by Nino Russo. The last three titles were bought from Italian distributor GAM Film, with which Buskin has a first-look agreement.

The deal was sealed through Buskin's new LA office, which was set up as part of the company's drive to establish a direct overseas outlet for its slate of Italian arthouse films.

CEO Antonio Guadalupi is currently also finalizing negotiations with a US company to distribute its 10-picture slate on four screens in New York, two screens in LA and one screen in San Francisco. Guadalupi said he is also in talks with a German distributor for the sale of several titles.

Meanwhile, Buskin has closed deals with Poland and ex-Yugoslavia on Sergio Citti's Mother Viper, a $5m English-language World War II drama starring Harvey Keitel. The company has also just acquired worldwide distribution rights to Voci, a film directed by Franco Giraldi and produced by Italy's Factory, which stars Valeria Bruni Tedeschi.