Paul Verhoeven'sfirst Dutch film for 21 years, Zwartboek(Blackbook), has been sold to five territories, with four more pending, inadvance of its late October start of shoot.

Katapult Fim Sales has sold the WWII thriller to the United Kingdom (Metro Tartan), Italy(Lucky Red) and Belgium, France and Switzerland (all Pathe Distribution).

Producer San Fa Maltha (Fu Works) is expecting to finalisefurther deals in Greece, Portugal, Israel and Turkey.

Verhoeven starts shooting Zwartboek at the end of October in the Netherlands and Germany.

The film is scripted by his former screenwriter GerardSoeteman (Soldier Of Orange, TurkishDelight) and deals with the adventures of a young Jewish girl whoinfiltrates the German army.

The cast is headed by Carice van Houten (pictured), Halina Reijn, ThomHoffman and Gijs Scholten van Aschat.