With English-language projects at a premium in Berlin, buyers arescrambling to get their hands on Marcus Nispel's Pathfinder, a $45maction movie being produced by Mike Medavoy and Arnie Messer's PhoenixPictures, and being represented for territorial sales by Endeavor.

Nobody from the agency ispresent at the market, but Endeavor's Modi Wiczyk said yesterday that responseto the project from buyers in Berlin is intense and that key territorial dealsare likely to be closed in the next few days.

Wiczyk said that the hungerfor big-budget English-language titles is equivalent to the feeding frenzy thattraditionally existed before AFM.

Pathfinder is a remake of Nils Gaup's classic Norwegian feature- the first ever shot in the Lapp language - which was nominated for a bestforeign language film Oscar in 1987.

Laeta Kalogridis has written the new script which concerns a Viking boyraised by Native Americans who leads the battles against the Vikings.

Ken Watanabe is innegotiations to star in the film which is being packaged by Endeavor and whichrepresents an attractive proposition for buyers since there are fewersignificant backend participants than there would be on a star-driven Hollywoodfilm. Phoenix is negotiating the domestic sale of the film.